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We love running and we love Raleigh--but most of all, we love Running in Raleigh! Below are some of our favorite spots where we spend many mornings and afternoons exploring our city. We hope you enjoy experiencing Raleigh on foot as much as we do!


Where to Run

Looking for quiet road running? Dix park has that as well!

Looking for quiet road running? Dix park has that as well!

Run near Downtown

Dorothea Dix Park: Raleigh’s largest park has over 300 acres of rolling hills and enough history to fill a museum. Beware of the drones (on the big field) and the ghosts that haunt the park at night...but the downtown Raleigh skyline views are worth the scare!

Capital Area Greenway (Download Map): There are over 100 miles of greenway on this map! One of our favorite sections is the Crabtree Creek Trail. It spans 12 miles with scenic bridges trickled throughout- but be warned- it can flood after heavy rain storms!  

Neuse River Trail: If you want flat and fast, go here! This trails is paved for over 25 miles and has several river crossings along the route with some great views on new bridges.

NC Museum of Art Park: For all the runners who like unique sculptures and scenic nature, this is your spot! The Art Museum is covered with thoughtful art all around the park- there is even a “hobbit house” buried in the wooded trails. If you want a longer run, just hop on the greenway towards Meredith College or head the opposite direction towards Umstead State Park.

Erin and her dog Charlie running through the sunflower field at Dorothea Dix Park

Erin and her dog Charlie running through the sunflower field at Dorothea Dix Park


Run on Soft Trails

Umstead Park: This running “mecca” of the Triangle is perfect for longer runs with soft surface and shade. It also offers of miles and miles of technical single track or a crushed gravel bridle trail (for those who want to keep their ankles intact) with several water fountains throughout the park.  

Lake Johnson: Located in southwest Raleigh, this small lake has a few miles of paved greenway trails and 2 miles of unpaved trails that connect in a circle around the lake. Our favorite portion is the 1000 meter relatively flat “chip trail” - perfect for repeats along the lake! There are some hills (maybe even mountains) on the back-side of the paved trail, so be prepared!

American Tobacco Trail: Over 22 miles of flat paved trail crossing three counties covering Durham to Apex, this trail was  transformed from an old railroad track. These trails are great for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. We like starting from White Oak Church Parking lot, but there are many that line the trail- even from Southpoint mall in Durham.

Tim Meigs racing on the American Tobacco Trail

Tim Meigs racing on the American Tobacco Trail


Run in North Raleigh

Green Hills County Park: If you like running hills or have some hill repeats on your schedule, this is the place to do it! Hard work is rewarded at the top of the landfill with an amazing view at the peak of North Raleigh.

Lake Lynn Park: This trail is perfect for loops if you’re looking for slightly over 2 miles each lap around the lake. You will most likely encounter some sort of nature here, along with beautiful older trees on the trail.

Shelley Lake: Similar to Lake Lynn Park, this 2.2 mile trail incorporates wooden boardwalks with its loop around the lake. There are also pull up bars and workout stations along the route if you are trying to one-up your company.

Neuse River Trail: There are several entrances onto the Neuse River Trail located in North Raleigh. Check out the Raleigh Greenways Map to determine find the best location to get in a quick run if you find yourself in North Raleigh!

Rivers and Lakes galore in the Raleigh area!

Rivers and Lakes galore in the Raleigh area!


The Fun Stuff

Social Group Runs





RDP Group Run at Cup a Joe

RDP Group Run at Cup a Joe

Sir Walter Miler

Sir Walter Miler

Strength Training & More

Evolve Movement - Pilates: Pilates is great for strengthening all parts of the body while also putting the mind at ease. This method of physical and mental conditioning increases strength, improves posture, and will give you a better piece of mind. 

O2 Fitness - CX Worx: We Love hitting up O2 Ftiness for CX Worx whenever we can! This 30 min core class is perfect for strengthening all of the elements that runners need to be strong and efficient. The 6 tracks will work your abs, glutes, hips, shoulders, obliques, and your back. This is a low impact class so it is an easy addition to a training regimen!

110 Yoga - Strength & Balance: Yoga is a great tool for restoring balance to life, and improving core strength and flexibility. This is a a great supplemental tool for helping you stay injury free. We also find that it keeps us focused during the grind of hard training. 

Flywheel Sports: Cycling for Indoor Cross Training: When your legs need a healthy dose of low impact cross training in an indoor setting, Flywheel Sports is the perfect choice. Get your sweat on and let your competitive side come out in this fun cross training class. Be prepared for a good workout!

RunRaleigh PT - Physical Therapy & More: RunRaleigh is the go-to for running specific physical therapy in the triangle. Specializing in dry needling, this clinic has just what you need for any nagging pain. Focusing more on preventative medicine than just re-habilitation, RunRaleigh PT also offers a state of the art 3D Gait Analysis, VO2 Max Testing, & Strength Training with Performance Specialist Angela Angeles.