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Bringing Back the Mile

For the Raleigh running community, the beginning of June marks the start of the Sir Walter Miler Pop-Up Miles. Every Tuesday in June, anyone and everyone in the community gets the chance to hop on a track and race hard for one-mile. If you didn’t grow up running track, this is potentially your once in a lifetime chance to experience the joy in racing a mile as hard as you can on a track. For one of our athletes, Andie Cozzarelli, this years pop-up miles have been a bit different. Coming off a marathon in mid June, Andie has been a spectator. Andie has been here since the beginning of the Sir Walter Miler and has seen how the community engagement has changed an increased over the years. Here is Andie’s take on this years Pop-Up Miles and her thoughts going into this years Pop-Up Championships taking place today at 7:00PM at Meredith College.

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