Meet the Home Squad: Kim R. Maloney

Some would say I was late to running because the first time I ran competitively (and learned what ‘spikes’ were!) was during my sophomore year of college at Clemson University. I was a soccer player at heart with a natural talent for endurance sports. After taking a leap of faith, and being somewhat coerced by friends and family, I decided to try out for the cross country team in 2008. To my surprise, I made it! Fast forward through my years in college and I would graduate with All-American honors and multiple ACC team and individual championships. The unexpected impact running had on my life through relationships, experiences, hard work, successes, and failures would shape the rest of my life in ways I never expected.  I went on to graduate school at the University of  South Carolina where I continued competitive running and then continued to run post-collegiately for a professional team. In 2017 I decided to leave the world of professional running and part-time jobs to enter a new phase of life.


2018 has been the most adventurous year yet! In January, I moved to North Carolina to start a new job. Then in April, I bought a house with my then-fiancé who graduated from law school in May. We got married in June, my now-husband passed the Bar in August, and started his new job in September. Even though it feels like I have squeezed (or been squeezed by...) so many significant life events in the last few months, the one thing that hasn’t changed is my love and dedication to running. Running is my outlet, my quiet time, my social time, my time with God, and a constant gift to myself. I wasn’t sure where running would fit in as I embarked on this journey, but it has shown to be one of the few things I can rely on when the world feels like it’s spinning.


The running community is like a family and they embrace you no matter who you are – which is exactly what happened to me with Raleigh Distance Project team. My extroverted personality was desperate for female friends-- (I lived with all boys at the time I was first introduced to RDP) who I could connect with and relate to. After first joining easy runs, then long runs, and then workouts, I was continuously amazed at what this group of girls was capable of together. They started this entire team from scratch, have countless AMAZING sponsors, lead group runs at 6 AM because they want to, constantly give back to the community - all while balancing careers and training for the Olympic Trials. After spending so many fun, painful, hilarious, and intentional hours with these girls, it felt like home.  I’ve only recently joined the, but it already feels like I belong here and know that the sky is the limit with these girls by my side.


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