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Rita Dorry

The nOg Run Club was the preemption of the beer running scene in Raleigh.


They started circa 2008, and I have always found a way to join in on the Monday night fun. I recall the first ever nOg run: we were racing blindly through Oakwood with our route cards and grinning faces because we knew pasta and beer awaited at the finish.

Even after the Oakwood neighborhood ganged up on the well-traveled running route and the club had to divert our route, the run was just as fun.

My most fond memory is dressing up in our old Halloween costumes, (most had superhero cape components,) to tear through the streets of downtown, giggling the whole way because it was nowhere close to Halloween. But most importantly, the run club runs more than just a tab. The club is passionate about serving our community and we are honored to partner with them for the Oktoberfest 4 Miler and for trivia night in October 22nd!


The club chooses one charity each month for their trivia night. The charity receives generous donations and support from the club. They've supported everyone from the Troops, to backpack buddies, and now us! And we couldn't be more grateful of their support.


So let's raise a toast to the nOg Run Club and all the hard work that they put in year-after-year for our community! CHEERS!


Join us this Saturday, October 20th, as we volunteer at the Oktoberfest 4 Miler AND we'll be hosting Monday's trivia night at the Beer Garden on October 22!

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